About Us

The Earsham Group of parishes is situated in the beautiful Waveney valley in South Norfolk lying close to the small market town of Bungay, circling it to the North, East and West. We are part of the Church of England and the Diocese of Norwich.

We are a group of six parishes serving six separate village communities and as a rural benefice, as would be expected, a very wide social mix. Each parish has a Medieval Anglican Church and Denton also an Ecumenical Chapel. We enjoy working together as a Benefice while keeping the distinctive natures of our different communities.

The Values of the Benefice

The spiritual care and support of our local community is at the heart of our value system and our churches provide an inclusive pivotal point in the parishes for many religious and secular activities.

By working together as a team we bring many varying gifts and talents to enrich the life of our six parishes. We try to nurture the individual within those communities, sharing their experiences, visiting in time of trouble and giving impartial assistance to those in need.

Above all we aim to live out our faith in our daily lives by meaningfully engaging with the wider communities throughout the Benefice.Out of this foundation the following shared values and their manifestation are key to the life of our Benefice:

~ We value teaching and Christ centred preaching in an Evangelical tradition keeping it relevant and practical to help us live out our lives of faith.

~ Our extensive Ministry Team, both licensed, and unlicensed are of central importance. They enable us to provide an extensive range of worship and support both to the congregation and the local communities. we believe in all-member ministry.

~ We want to reach out to all those in our community and to share the 'Good News' of Jesus Christ with everyone, whether they are old or young.

~ We value different expressions of worship through the varied forms of both traditional and modern services.

~ We value our local church schools who use our churches for all major festivals throughout the year and are committed to providing weekly assemblies and employing a schools worker.

~ Prayer plays a central role in every aspect of Benefice life. We have a Prayer Ministry Team who pray for the needs of the Benefice and run a weekly prayer meeting.

~ We look for the gifts of The Holy Spirit within our churches and aim to give people the opportunity to use those gifts.

~ We value building relationships through activities in the church and are involved with our communities through many different fund-raising events and functions.

All of these values are only achieved if we work together.


Within the Benefice we take Safeguarding very seriously. All Churchwardens as well as all those who lead our services, our Ministry Team, and all those who work regularly with Children and Vulnerable Adults are DBS Checked.

For any questions and concerns please speak to our Named Safeguarding Officer Sally Thomson on 01986 894494.

For further information and to contact the diocese safeguarding team the details can be found here.


News for the Pews

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You are always welcome to come and visit our churches. Click on the church pictures below or the village names at the bottom of the page to find information on our churches, when they are open and directions on how to find them.

Denton Chapel
All Saints church, Earsham St. Peter's church, Hedenham